Mission Teachers' Union

We represent the teachers of Mission’s K-12 sector. We acknowledge that we live, work and teach on the unceded territory of the Stó:lo Nation.


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MTU Office Information

The Mission Teachers’ Union Office will be closed from Friday July 8th to Monday August 29th when we return.

Over the summer:  Emails will be checked frequently.  Only emergent type emails will be responded to.  Phone message will be checked less frequently so it is better to send an email.  

Emergencies that just can’t wait call Brianna 778-888-9246



MTU General Meetings

MTU General Meetings

January 26- 3:30pm May 25- 3:30pm Annual General Meeting                                                                               Note:  Unless a notice is sent stating otherwise, Executive and Staff Rep meetings are held at the MTU Office - #100-33344 2nd...

MTU Staff Rep Meetings

MTU Staff Rep Meetings

November 24- 3:30pm January 19- 3:30pm February 9- 3:30pm April 20- 3:30pm May 18- 3:30pm Note:  Unless a notice is sent stating otherwise, Executive and Staff Rep meetings are held at the MTU Office - #100-33344 2nd Avenue.

MTU Executive Meetings

MTU Executive Meetings

December 8- 12:30pm January 12- 3:30pm February 2- 12:30pm March 2- 3:30pm April 13- 12:30pm May 11- 3:30pm June 15- 12:30pm Note:  Unless a notice is sent stating otherwise, Executive and Staff Rep meetings are held at the MTU Office - #100-33344 2nd Avenue.

A Word

From Our President

Unions exist to serve their membership,  and the Mission Teachers’ Union has a long standing tradition of serving it’s members, in a multitude of ways. Over the decades, we have advocated for the interests of teachers and students at every level and intend to do so for as long as we exist. We have done our difficult work as Mission has continued to evolve and grow. Teachers needs are as diverse as the needs of our students, and the MTU has adapted to those needs. We have bargained contracts and strained ourselves mightily to enforce our contract language, we have advocated for the needs of teachers on a case-by-case basis. We have made every effort to make sure that when teachers need to reach out to the MTU, that they get what they need, whenever possible. We feel proud of the service we provide, and public education in Mission wouldn’t be as good as it is without the Mission Teachers’ Union.

– Ryan McCarty


Health and Wellness Program

Your health and safety is important to us. Please see our Health and Safety page for full information on your rights and responsibilities, plus necessary forms when making a claim.

What is the Health and Wellness Program?

The BCTF Health and Wellness Program supports and empowers members recovering from illness or injury to regain an optimum state of wellness, health, and productivity by providing rehabilitation services and promoting self-care. It is funded by the membership of the BCTF.


After School programs


Years Established

Get In Touch

#100-33344 2nd Avenue, Mission, BC V2V 1K3

Phone: (604)826-0112

Fax: (604) 826-3435

Email: mtu@missionteachersunion.com

Statement of Principles on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion That the following Statement of Principles on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion be adopted: The BCTF is a democratic union that recognizes the importance of encouraging and supporting involvement by all members, while recognizing that some members have historically been marginalized. For the Federation to be at its best, all members must see themselves reflected in its goals, structures, and practices. The BCTF will strive to identify and eliminate barriers to participation through programs, procedures, by-laws, and policies supported by specified resources and education. The BCTF supports equity, diversity, and inclusion within the union, the workplace, and in broader society and acknowledges that: 1. discrimination and harassment must not be ignored and must be challenged and rectified. 2. not all discrimination is deliberate or visible. Inadvertent, hidden, and systemic discrimination must be identified and addressed. 3. the marginalization of certain groups must be specifically recognized. These groups include, but are not necessarily limited to women; racialized workers; Indigenous people; people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, questioning, or two-spirit; people with disabilities; and those whose participation is impeded because of economic circumstances or family status. 4. equal opportunity to participate in the Federation does not mean treating all members the same. Within a democratic framework, promoting the engagement of members of equity-seeking groups is a valid and necessary approach to reaching equal outcomes. 5. Federation programs and policies designed to eliminate barriers must not only do so, they must be widely seen to do so.